Only one rule

The rules are simple. In fact there’s only one. Bag all five peaks and the major boundaries of the park and you’re done. My best estimate is it will take you 100 miles, plus or minus three miles. It depends on how efficient you are. The course is as efficient as I can figure out […]

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Training run #1

Reminder for folks, we have a training run coming up this February 23, 2015. We camp at Juniper Campground at 2,500 feet the day before and start just past midnight to simulate the actual start date & time for the Diablo 100 2016 edition. Then off we go, packing everything you brought with you. Distances […]

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Diablo 100 2016 date set

It’s official. Barring a major calamity, act of God, or something totally unforeseen we’re holding the 2016 version of the first and only Diablo 100 Ultrahiker Event on February 23, 2016. But that’s pending approval of our permits which you can say is an act of lesser gods. More details to follow.

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